Events Calendar

(High School Track and Field schedule at the bottom of this page)

Run Faster Than San Pedro de Jesus (Long Name; Short Race): The 1-mile race begins at 8 a.m. Feb. 22 at San Pedro de Jesus Maldonado, 3000 Tim Foster. $25 before Feb. 19; $30 from Feb. 20-22.

Run with Your Doc: 10K and 1-mile run is at 8 a.m. and the 5K begins at 8:15 a.m., Feb. 29 at the Dona Ana Community College, East Mesa Campus, 2800 Sonoma Ranch in Las Cruces. $30 before Feb. 22 and $35 after. $20 for the 1-mile run before Feb. 22 and $25 after.

Immanuel Christian School’s 1st Dave Frazier Memorial 5K Run/1 Mile Walk: 8 a.m. Feb. 29, Immanuel Christian School, 1201 Hawkins. $30 through Feb. 23. $35 on Feb. 29. 1-mile walk is $15.

NAWIC Paving the Way 5K Run/walk and 1 mile fun walk:  8 a.m. March 1 at Up and Running West, 3233 N. Mesa, suite 205 in the Rudolph Plaza Shopping Center. $25 through Feb. 28 and $30 on Feb. 29 and March 1.

PATRICK ACTS SHAMROCK 5K run and 1-mile walk: 8 a.m. March 14 at St. Patrick Cathedral, 1118 N. Mesa.

8th annual Javier Arana 5K Memorial Run and 1-mile fun walk: 8 a.m., March 21 at Ascarate Park. 6900 Delta. There is a $2 parking fee.

epkicks Run for Shoes: 8 a.m., March 29 at Up and Running, 3233 N. Mesa. $25 or $30 day of the race. Teams of 10 or more, $20. Proceeds benefit epkicks, a non-profit organization that provides new shoes to underprivileged children/youth in El Paso.

High School Track and Field

Bowie/Loretto Invitational (Girls): Feb. 21 at Bowie High School. YWLA, Ysleta, Loretto, Bowie, El Paso, Andress, Austin, Mt. View, Horizon, Jefferson, Burges, Pecos, Canutillo, Harmony, Anthony, Irvin, Parkland, Riverside, Hanks, Pebble Hills, Eastlake, Americas.

Eastwood Invitational: Feb. 21 at Eastwood High School. Franklin, Coronado, Clint, San Elizario, Chapin, Tornillo Montwood, Socorro, El Dorado, Eastwood, Bel Air, Del Valle.

Bowie/Cathedral Invitational (Boys): Feb. 22 at Bowie High School. Ysleta, Parkland, Bowie, El Paso, Austin, Canutillo, Harmony, Anthony, Irvin, Riverside, Cathedral, Hanks, Jefferson, Pebble Hills, Eastlake, Americas.

Franklin Invitational (Boys/Girls):  Feb. 28-29. Franklin, Bowie, Coronado, Austin, Andress (B), Jefferson, Burges, Canutillo, Anthony.

Mt. View Invitational (Boy/Girls): Feb. 28-29. Parkland, Mt. View, Bowie (G), El Paso, Clint, Horizon, San Elizario, Tornillo, Irvin, Eastlake, Americas, Pebble Hills.

Bel Air Invitational (Boys/Girls): Feb. 28-29. Bel Air, YWLA, Eastwood, Del Valle, Ysleta, Andress (G), Chapin, Loretto, Harmony, Riverside, Montwood, Socorro, El Dorado, Cathedral, Hanks.

SISD Invitational (Boys/Girls):  March 6-7. Riverside, Andress (G), Mt. View, Clint, Horizon, El Paso, Montwood, Socorro, El Dorado, Pebble Hills, Eastlake.

Fred Loya Invitational (Boys/Girls): March 6-7 at Eastwood High School.  Eastwood, Bel Air, Ysleta, Hanks, Parkland, Del Valle, Franklin, Coronado, Loretto, San Elizario, Jefferson, Tornillo, Irvin, Americas, El Paso.

 West Texas Relays: March 6-7.  Hanks, Riverside.

Burges Invitational (Boys/Girls): March 6-7. Burges, Bowie, Austin, Chapin, Andress (B), Canutillo, Anthony, Harmony, Cathedral.

Riverside Invitational (Boys/Girls): March 13-14. YWLA, Bel Air, Ysleta, Eastwood, Hanks, Riverside, Parkland, Del Valle, Coronado, Austin, Horizon, El Paso, Canutillo, Harmony, Bowie Montwood.

Cotton Relays (Boys/Girls): March 13-14 at Fabens High School. Fabens, Mt. View, Clint, Tornillo, San Elizario, Cathedral, Austin.

Andress Invitational (Boys/Girls): March 13-14. Andress, Chapin, Jefferson, Burges, Loretto, Anthony, Bowie, Irvin, El Dorado.

Southlake Carrol Invitational: March 13-14. Socorro, Americas.

Americas Invitational (Boys/Girls):  March 20-21 at Socorro’s Student Activities Complex. Americas, YWLA, Bel Air, Hanks, Riverside, Loretto, Anthony, San Elizario, Jefferson, Burges, El Paso, Tornillo, Harmony, Irvin, Pebble Hills, Cathedral.

Willlie Williams Classic: March 20-21 in Tucson. Parkland, Coronado, Andress, Montwood, El Dorado, Hanks.

San Angelo Invitational: March 20-21. Chapin, Austin, Jefferson (G)

 Chandler Invitational: March 20-21 in Phoenix. Ysleta, Eastwood, Del Valle, Franklin, Eastlake.

District 2-5A Championship: March 1-April 3. TBA.

District 1-5A Championship: April 1-3. TBA.

District 1-6A Championship: April 1-3 at Socorro’s Student Activities Complex.

District 1-4A Championship: April 1-3. TBA.

Region 1-6A Area Meet: April at Socorro’s Student Activities Complex.

Class 6A Regional Meet: April 24-25 in Arlington.

Class 5A Regional Meet: April 24-25 in Lubbock.

Class 4A Regional Meet: April 24-25 TBA.

UIL State Championship: May 8-9 in Austin.