High School Girls XC Poll: Week 6

Every Wednesday, El Paso Running will utilize a point system to highlight El Paso’s top cross country runners.

The system is as follows: In a race of less than 150 runners, first place gets 10 points, second gets 9 points all the way down to and 10th place which gets 1 point. For meets with between 151 to 300 runners, double points will be rewarded meaning 20 points for first, 19 for second all the way down to 1 point for 20th. For every additional 150 runners, another 10 runners will be included in the points.

For those who like raw times, we also list the Top 25 5K/3-mile boys and girls race times and the meets and dates that they occurred.

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The 3.3 mile course at Veteran’s Park was a challenge for all. Las Cruces Onate was the eventual winner of the Loretto/Cathedral Invitational. Bel Air was second, Eastwood’s JV was third, Montwood, fourth and El Paso was fifth.

1. Franklin: The Cougars won its fourth championship of the season placing runners in 1-5-7-8 and 11, good for 33 points at the Hanks/Ysleta Invitational at Northeast Regional Park on Saturday. Top 10 runners were Eva Jess (first, 17:30.05), Amalia Dorion (sixth, 19:09.26) and Jordan Torres (ninth, 19:28.27). Franklin will run at its own invitational at the Haskins Recreational Center on Saturday.

2. Eastwood: The Troopers placed 24th at the Woodbridge XC Classic in the Rated Race against 32 teams and 218 runners. Meadow Ortiz was top runner for Eastwood finishing in 65th place in 18:36.0. Eastwood will rest in preparation of the Desert Twilight in Mesa Grande, Ariz. on Sept. 28.

3. Americas: The Trailblazers rested on Saturday. Americas will travel to the Lubbock Invitational to race the Region 1-6A course at Mae Simmons Park on Saturday.

4. Eastlake: Eastlake was second at the Hanks/Ysleta Invitational with 46 points. Aeriel Garcia (second, 17:49.17) and Amaris Chavez (fourth, 18:38.59) led the Falcons charge. They will race in the Lubbock Invitational and challenge the Region 1 course at Mae Simmons Park on Saturday.

5. Coronado: The T-Birds finished third at Northeast Regional Park placing runners in the 3-6-18-22 and 24th spot for 73 points. Its top runners were Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy (third, 18:31.85) and Sophia Flores (eighth, 19:20.82).  Coronado will compete at the Franklin Invitational at the Haskins Recreational Center on Saturday.

6. Montwood: The Rams placed fourth at the Loretto/Cathedral Invitational at Veterans Park with 118 points. Diana Mena placed fourth at the 3.3 mile course in 21:51.24. Montwood will race at the Haskins Center.

7. Socorro: The Bulldogs placed 11th at the Arvada West (Colo.) Invitational. Its top runner was Jazmin Chacon who finished 41st in 22:33.00. The team will race at the Lubbock Invitational on Saturday.

8. Bel Air: The Highlanders move up two spots after its second place finish at Veteran’s Park. Sara Armendariz was the top runner for Bel Air, finishing 16th in 23:26.84 just ahead of teammate Abigail Murillo (17th, 23:27.60). Bel Air will race at the Franklin Invitational at the Haskins Recreation Center.

 9. El Paso High: The Tigers crack the top 10 after placing fifth at Veteran’s Park. Marisol Hernandez had a top 10 finish, placing sixth in 21:55.53. The team will race at the Lubbock Invitational on Saturday.

10. Horizon: The Scorpions placed sixth at Veteran’s Park. Senior Kenia Enriquez was second on the 3.3 mile course in 21:42.13 and teammate Destiny Beltran was eighth in 22:17.17. The team will race at the Lubbock Invitational on Saturday.

Dropped out: Clint.

On the brink: Hanks.

Eva Jess - Canutillo Invitation 2018
Franklin sophomore Eva Jess ran a city best 3-mile time of 17:30.05 at the Hanks/Ysleta Invitational at Northeast Regional Park on Saturday.

Top times (5K/3Miile)

1, Eva Jess, Franklin, 17:30.05 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

2, Aeriel Garcia, Eastlake, 17:49.17 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

3, Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy, Coronado, 18:31.85 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

4, Meadow Ortiz, Eastwood, 18:36.0 (Woodbridge Classic, 9/15).

5, Amaris Chavez, Eastlake, 18:38.59 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

6, Eileen Mclain, Eastwood, 18:38.6 (Woodbridge Classic, 9/15).

7, Skyler Goodman, Chapin, 18:48.55 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

8, Lauren Walls, Eastwood, 19:02.5 (Woodbridge Classic, 9/25).

9, Mariana Guzman, Americas, 19:06.79 (Race to Midnight, SAC, 8/17).

10, Daphne Duran, Americas, 19:07.87 (Race to Midnight, SAC, 8/17).

11, Priscilla Villalobos, Americas, 19:08.71 (Race to Midnight, SAC, 8/17).

12, Amalia Dorion, Franklin, 19:09.26 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

13, Lauren Villareal, Eastwood, 19:15.3 (Woodbridge Classic, 9/25).

14, Monique Correa, Jefferson, 19:18.55 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

15, Sophia Flores, Coronado, 19:20.82 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

16, Jordan Torres, Franklin, 19:28.27 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

17, Melody Tsutsumi, Jefferson, 19:28.74 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

18, Jenna Saunders, Franklin 19:31.02 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

19, Karen Garcia, Jefferson 19:31.80 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

20, Morayma Montes, Austin, 19:33.63  (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

21, Emily Hernandez, Eastlake, 19:34.68 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

22, Lorien Clark, Franklin 19:38.52 11 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

23, Destiny Martinez, Eastwood, 19:39.6 (Woodbridge Classic, 9/15).

24, Angelina Lujan, Parkland, 19:43.96 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

25, Deserie Herrera, Eastlake, 19:46.9 (Northeast Regional Park, 9/15).

The El Paso High girls cracked the Top 10 for the first time this season placing fifth at Veteran’s Park. Marisol Hernandez had a top 10 finish, placing sixth in 21:55.53.

Power rankings
(number in parenthesis indicate meets won)

1, Eva Jess, Franklin, 50 (5).

2, Aeriel Garcia, Eastlake, 36 (1).

2, Amalia Dorion, Franklin, 36.

4, Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy, Coronado, 35.

5, Angeline Lujan, Parkland, 29 (2).

6, Skyler Goodman, Chapin, 26.

6, Daphne Duran, Americas, 26.

8, Marisol Hernandez, El Paso, 21

9, Kenia Enriquez, Horizon, 19.

10, Amaris Chavez, Eastlake, 17

10, Britney Martinez, Loretto, 17.


America Morales, San Elizario, 16.

Morayma Montes, Austin, 15.

Lauren Walls, Eastwood, 15.

Natalie Jimenez, Burges, 15.

Priscilla Villalobos, Americas, 15.

Lauren Anderson, Americas, 14.

Nicole Estrada, Mt. View, 14.

Eileen McLain, Eastwood, 12.

Jazmin Chacon, Socorro, 10 (1)

Janeth Chacon, Socorro, 10.

Deserie Herrera, Eastlake, 10.

Vivian Zapata, Clint, 10.

Mariana Guzman, Americas, 9.

Meadow Ortiz, Eastwood, 9.

Sophia Flores, Coronado, 8.

Diane Mena, Montwood, 8.

Destiny Beltran, Horizon, 7.

Marcela Perches, Loretto, 6.

Jocelyn Castro, Fabens, 6.

Emilia Fontes, Socorro, 5.

Brisa Aguilar, Clint, 5.

Karyme Garcia, Montwood, 5.

Katelyn Robles, Del Valle, 5.

Ivette Rojas, Jefferson, 5.

Evonna Walker, Burges, 5.

Rosalinda Reza, Mt. View, 4.

Monique  Correa, Jefferson, 4.

Adalia Olmos, Eastwood, 4.

Ana Rojas, Socorro, 4.

Demi Garcia, Socorro, 3.

Jacqueline Castillo, Clint, 3.

Valerie Gonzalez, Pebble Hills, 2.

Natalia Perez, San Elizario, 2.

Jordan Torres, Franklin, 2.

Amaryllis Rubalcaba, Eastwood, 2.

Karen Garcia, Jefferson, 1.

Lynette Rocha, Clint, 1.

Amaya Foran, Andress, 1.

Destiney Martinez, Eastwood, 1.

Natalia Espinosa, Montwood, 1.

Paulina Friare, Hanks, 1.

Desiree Carrillo, Eastwood, 1.

Caryn Hart, Andress, 1.

Melody Tsutsumi, Jefferson, 1 .