High School Girls XC Poll: Week 7

Every Wednesday, El Paso Running will utilize a point system to highlight El Paso’s top cross country female runners.

The system is as follows: In a race of less than 150 runners, first place gets 10 points, second gets 9 points all the way down to and 10th place which gets 1 point. For meets with between 151 to 300 runners, double points will be rewarded meaning 20 points for first, 19 for second all the way down to 1 point for 20th. For every additional 150 runners, another 10 runners will be included in the points.

For those who like raw times, we also list the Top 25 5K/3-mile boys and girls race times and the meets and dates that they occurred.

For questions, videos and photos email vrmart66@gmail.com.

This week’s schedule

District 1-4A Championship: 9:30 a.m. Friday, Oct. 30 at Vista Hills Country Club. San Elizario, Fabens, Clint, Mt. View, Riverside. The girls will race first followed by the boys.

District 1-6A, 1-5A, 2-5A Championships: Saturday, Oct. 31 at Vista Hills Country Club. 9 to 10:15 a.m. 2-5A girls, followed immediately by boys; 10:15 to 11:30 a.m. 1-5A girls, immediately followed by boys; 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. 1-6A girls, immediately followed by boys.

District 3-4A Championship: Noon Saturday, Oct. 31 at Presidio High School. Tornillo, Presidio, Alpine, Kermit and Anthony. Girls followed by boys.

Franklin is going for its third consecutive District 1-6A championship on Saturday.

Top 10

1. Franklin: The Cougars are seeking back-to-back-back district titles and judging from the team’s dominate season – a team championship seems likely. Senior Eva Jess hopes her last cross country district race ends like her first one – with a District 1-6A individual championship. Newcomer Ally Little – running in her first season – has been quite the surprise. The senior, who has played soccer the previous three years, has proved Franklin with a solid 1-2 punch. Seven Franklin athletes – Jess, Little, sophomore Alyssa Laspada, junior Jenna Saunders, Michele Paillard, junior Jordan Torres and Sofia Camacho – have city-best top 10 times.

2. Montwood: The Rams are hoping to advance to Regionals with a solid five runners. Two weeks ago, its top four runners Kassandra Jimenez (19:56.6), Jazmine Miranda (19:58.1), Alexa Rangel (20:04.7) and Natalie Espinosa (20:37.1) – had season best times at Vista Hills Country Club, the district course. It’s going to be tight one for that last spot to regionals.

3. Eastwood: But you can never count the Troopers out, especially with junior Lauren Portillo-Walls, who turned in a city-best 18:04.35 at Vista Hills on Oct. 10. Eastwood has five runners cracking the Top 25 times list including Portillo-Walls, Victoria Ovalles, Salma Licon, Adalia Olmos and Amber Martin. Eastwood’s 2-7 gap is only 20 seconds.  The individually title will come down to Franklin’s Jess and Portillo-Walls which could be the race of the meet.

4. Jefferson: The Foxes won the District 1-5A division of the Pre-District Invitational at Vista Hills Country Club two weeks ago. Jefferson is the odds-on favorite to repeat at district champions with defending individual Crystal Peterson who has already turned in 20:07.0 on the course. Peterson, Monique Correa (20:15.2), Melody Tsutsumi (21:03.5) and Jelia Lugo (21:51.5) have four of the district’s top 10 times on this course.

5. CoronadoThe T-Birds scored a perfect 15 at the Clint Invitational. Kyra Walker on the two-mile event in 13:46.18. Other Coronado runners to finish in the top 10 were Alexa Lawrence, Coronado, Banah Abdeljaber, Sonya Lee, Carolina Pitchkolan, Daniela Peinado, Gracyn Hunt, Luisa Ramirez and Eva Asfahani. In a strong District 1-6A Walker looks for a top 10 finish and a trip to regionals.

6. CanutilloThe Eagles handily won the District 2-5A division of the Pre-District Invitational at Vista Hills Country Club two weeks ago so there is no reason why they can’t do it again. Chondra Espino has Canutillo’s best time on the course (21:02.9). Ivy Lara (21:36.0), Natalie Rivera (21:46.9) and Vanessa Preciado (21:47.9) also ran well at Vista Hills and should be favorite.

7. El Paso High: The Tigers placed second at the District 1-5A race of the Pre-District Invitational at Vista Hills Country Club two weeks ago. If they can repeat that feat, they will advance to regionals. At the race two weeks ago, Shayla Cohen Jones was fifth, 21:14.7), Alissa Kennedy was sixth (21:20.8), Jezarae Valenzuela was seventh (21:32.6) and Vivian Shaheen was tenth (22:54.2).

8. Tornillo. The Coyotes have not competed in two weeks so they should be well rested for their District 3-4A championship Saturday in Presidio.

9. Bel Air: The Highlanders should be well rested for Saturday’s District 2-5A Championship. With Canutillo, the clear favorite, Bel Air and Hanks will fight it out of last spot to regionals. It’s team has a solid 1-2 punch with Abigail Murillo owning the fourth fastest time in the district on this course (21:10.09) and Sara Armendariz the sixth best (21:28.27).

10. Hanks. Hanks counters with Mia Rivera (fifth on the course, 21:23.8) and Natalie Rivera (eighth, 21:46.9). The fight for final spot to regionals is going to be intense.

Dropped out: Eastlake.

On the brink: Burges, Pebble Hills.

Canutillo senior Chondra Espino is one of the top runners in District 2-5A. Her time of 20:36.59 is the city’s 22nd best.

Top times (5K/3Mile)

1, Lauren Portillo-Walls, Eastwood, 18:04.35 (Vista Hills CC, 10/10).

2, Eva Jess, Franklin, 18:16.91 (Haskins Center, 10/3).

3, Ally Little, Franklin, 18:39.33 (Haskins Center, 10/3).

4, Alyssa Laspada, Franklin, 19:03.19 (Vista Hills CC, 10/10).

5, Angelina Lujan-Marrufo, Parkland, 19:12.42 (Veterans Park, 9/26).

6, Jenna Saunders, Franklin, 19:43.31 (Haskins Rec. Center, 10/3).

7, Michele Paillard, Franklin, 19:50.57 (Vista Hills C.C., 10/10).

8, Karyme Garcia, Montwood, 19:53.12 (Vista Hills C.C., 10/10).

9, Sofia Camacho, Franklin 19:55.96 (Vista Hills CC, 10/10).

10, Jordan Torres, Franklin 19:56.30 (Haskins Rec. Center, 10/3).

11, Kassandra Jimenez, Montwood, 19:56.6 (Vista Hills CC, 10/17).

12, Jazmine Miranda, Montwood, 19:58.1 (Vista Hills CC, 10/17).

13, Alexa Rangel, Montwood, 20:04.7 (Vista Hills CC, 10/17).

14, Crystal Peterson, Jefferson, 20:07.00 (Vista Hills CC 10/17).

15, Monique Correa, Jefferson, 20:15.2 (Vista Hills CC, 10/17).

16, Kylene Elias, Tornillo, 20:19.07 (Veterans Park, 10/3).

17, Carolina Zarrabal, Pebble Hills, 20:23.25 (Veterans Park, 10/3).

18, Andrea Villagomez, Horizon, 20:26.27 (Veterans Park, 9/19).

19, Victoria Ovalles, Eastwood, 20:31.75 (Veterans Park, 10/3).

20, Selma Licon, Eastwood 20:35.22 (Vista Hills CC, 10/10).

21, Mia Rivera, Hanks, 20:36.30 (Del Valle, 9/19).

22, Chondra Espino, Canutillo, 20:36.59 (Veterans Park, 9/26). 

23, Natalie Espinosa, Montwood, 20:37.1 (Vista Hills CC, 10/17).

24, Adalia Olmos, Eastwood, 20:39.25 (Del Valle, 9/19).

25, Amber Martin, Eastwood, 20:40.65 (Desert Twilight, 10/2).

Tornillo sophomore Kylene Elias looks to defend her District 4-3A on Saturday.

Power rankings (number in parenthesis indicate meets won)

1, Angelina Lujan-Marrufo, Parkland, 70 (7).

2, Eva Jess, Franklin, 59 (5).

3, Ally Little, Franklin, 52.

4, Kyra Walker, Coronado, 49 (4).

5, Andrea Villagomez, Horizon, 42 (2).

6, Alyssa Laspada, Franklin, 41.

7, Alexa Lawrence, Coronado, 39.

8, Alissa Kennedy, El Paso, 36.

9, Crystal Peterson, Jefferson, 34 (1).

9, Monique Correa, Jefferson, 34.

Mia Rivera, Hanks, 32.

Jenna Saunders, Franklin, 31.

Lauren Walls-Portillo, Eastwood, 30 (2).

Kylene Elias, Tornillo, 30 (3).

Kassandra Jimenez, Montwood, 30.

Megan Kirtley, Eastlake, 27.

Chondra Espino, Canutillo, 26.

Michele Paillard, Franklin, 26.

Abigail Murillo, Bel Air, 25.

Annette Guzman, Burges, 24.

Jazmine Miranda, Montwood, 24 (1).

Britney Martinez, Loretto, 22.

Jezarae Valenzuela, El Paso High, 21 (1).

Samantha Ramirez, Socorro, 21.

Ivy Lara, Canutillo, 21.

Banah Abdeljaber, Coronado, 21.

Jelia Lugo, Jefferson, 20.

Olivia Garcia, Tornillo, 20.

Isabella Medina, Americas, 19.

Shayla Cohen Jones, El Paso High, 19.

Janice Olivas, Clint, 19.

Hannah Tellez, Eastwood, 19.

Nat Escajeda, Tornillo, 18.

Karyme Garcia, Montwood, 18.

Sara Armendariz, Bel Air, 17 (1).

Sofia Camacho, Franklin, 17.

Vivian Zapata, Clint, 16 (1).

Andrea Castillo, El Paso, 16.

Sonya Lee, Coronado, 16.

Alexa Rangel, Montwood, 15.

Disany Sandoval, Del Valle, 15.

Morayma Montes, Austin, 14.

Valeria Loo-King, Del Valle, 14.

Melody Tsutsumi, Jefferson, 14.

Amaryllis Rubalcaba, Eastwood, 14.

Jordan Torres, Franklin, 13.

Carolina Pitchkolan, Coronado, 12.

Gracyn Hunt, Coronado, 12.

Alexis Vasquez, Eastwood, 12.

Rosemary Torres, Bel Air, 10.

Kayhla Talavera, Mt. View. 10.

Vanessa Preciado, Canutillo, 10.

Daniela Peinado, Coronado, 10.

Carolina Zarrabal, Pebble Hills, 9.

Mia Vargas, Americas, 9.

Maria Hobbs, Loretto, 9.

Natalie Espinosa, Montwood, 9.

Adalia Olmos, Eastwood, 8.

Trinity Martinez, Eastwood, 8.

Victoria Ovalles, Eastwood, 8.

Irma Munoz, Jefferson, 8.

Elizabeth Hernandez, Austin, 7.

Jacqueline Castillo, Clint, 7.

Desiree Carrillo, Eastwood, 7.

Jaquelin Gonzalez, Horizon, 7.

Aylin Tepezano, Clint, 7.

Madison Spencer, Hanks, 7.

Amber Martin, Eastwood, 6

Giselle Rubio, Eastlake, 6.

Madelaine Estrada, Mt. View, 6.

Emilee Antimo, Burges, 6.

Monica Hagerich, Eastwood, 6.

Luisa Ramirez, Coronado, 6.

Jaslyne Ramirez, Del Valle, 6.

Natalie Franco, Pebble Hills, 5.

Selma Licon, Eastwood, 5.

Natalie Rivera, Canutillo, 5.

Wendy Garcia, Tornillo, 5.

Ximena Jimenez, San Elizario, 5.

Vivian Shaheen, El Paso High, 5.

Mariah Martinez, Loretto, 5.

Itzel Garcia, Americas, 4.

Caryn Hart, Andress, 4.

Briana Canales, Eastlake, 4.

Eva Asfahani, Coronado, 4.

Paola Bolanos Hernandez, Parkland, 4.

Emma White, El Paso High, 4.  

Sarah Villaronga, Franklin, 3.

Ana Rojas, Socorro, 3.

Claudia Vargas, Parkland, 3.     

Brianna Ibarra, Tornillo, 3.

Osmary Vazquez, San Elizario, 3.

Jasmine Martinez, Eastwood, 2.

Jade Baca, Hanks, 2.

Amanda Sotelo, Franklin, 2.

Amanda Torres, Loretto, 2.

Marcela Hernandez, Riverside, 2.

Sarah Gil, Eastwood, 2.

Bianca Quintero, Chapin, 2.

Yanitza Olivares, Socorro, 1.

Genisis Guereca, Bel Air, 1.

Lauren Anderson, Americas, 1.

Yulianna Anahi Martinez, Parkland, 1.

Christina Duncan, Coronado, 1.

Andrea Baeza, Loretto, 1.

Elliane Marshall, Eastwood, 1.

Camila Luna, Riverside, 1.

Iris Baca, Horizon, 1.

Author: Victor R. Martinez

My love of running began with my son Deric. His passion and talent for distance running opened my eyes to a sport I never imaged I would embrace with such enthusiasm. As a journalist at the El Paso Times, I was the lead writer for cross country and track for several years and I was able to tell the stories of these amazing unsung athletes. Never a runner myself, I decided to change that when I turned 50 in 2016 when I trained for my first 5K. I've been running ever since and I love every minute of it - well - sort of.

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