From grade school to high school, XC offers a pathway to college for San Elizario runners

State Championship Previews

Today: Tornillo boys.

Thursday: San Elizario boys.

Friday: Eastwood boys.

Saturday: Franklin girls.

Sunday: Individual qualifiers. Class 6A – Americas senior Michael Mier; Americas junior Jared Laverty; Eastlake junior Israel David; Eastwood junior, Lauren Walls-Portillo and Montwood sophomore, Kassandra Jimenez. Class 5A – Burges junior, Pamela Ramirez; Jefferson junior, Monique Correa; El Paso High senior, Josep Ferret; Hanks sophomore, Alejandro Tarin; Chapin senior, Joaquin Ortega, Chapin. Class 4A – Riverside junior, Andrew Valdiviezo. Class 3A – Tornillo sophomore, Kylene Elias.

Make Plans

What: UIL State Cross Country Championship.

When:  Monday, Nov. 23. All times (MDT): Class 3A girls, 10:45 a.m.; Class 3A boys, 11:30 a.m.; Class 5A girls, 1:30 p.m.; Class 5A boys, 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24: Class 4A boys, 11:30 a.m.; Class 6A girls, 1:30 p.m.; Class 6A boys, 2:15 p.m.

Where:  Old Settlers Park in Round Rock.

At Stake: State team and individual titles.

The Eagles will race in its seventh consecutive Class 4A state meet at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Let’s make one thing clear – there’s absolutely nothing in the water in San Elizario.

There are no secret workouts nor are there any quick fixes.

In the quiet Cotton Valley community just East of El Paso, cross country is embedded in every young athlete’s head. Cross country is more than a sport, it’s a way of life.

“Somehow, we’ve created a culture,” said Cesar Morales, San Elizario coach. “It begins at the elementary school level and carries on to middle school and finally to the high school level. We have a lot of students who have earned scholarships to run in college and that desire starts at the elementary level.”

The Eagles will race in its seventh consecutive Class 4A state meet at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24.

The previous six times, they have returned home with a medal around their necks – state champions in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, third in 2018 and second in 2019.

This year’s edition includes seniors Edwin Gomez and Dilan Sanchez, juniors Irvin Vazquez and Alan Ceballos, sophomores Christopher Moreno and Matthew Maese and freshman Angel Maese, freshman.

Advancing to state is simply a byproduct of what takes place before they get to San Elizario High School.

“Being on the cross country team is goal for many of these kids,” Morales said. “It’s their opportunity to be exposed to things many of them could only imagine. Some of the kids in our   community never get to leave the county.”

Morales said the things that many people take for granted are only pipe dreams to many young people living in the San Elizario community.

“You have no idea how much they look forward to going to Lubbock for regionals,” he said. “The kids take photos; they show their friends. Everyone wants to go to Subway; you don’t know what Subway means to these kids. Many of these kids have never been to a hotel. When we were in Lubbock, it was crazy to them to see a pool inside a hotel.”

Morales said there is no secret to what he is doing in San Elizario.

“The kids do all the work,” he said. “I don’t like to take credit for any of this. The connection the coaches have with the kids and the relationship we have built with them is the key.”

When you are as successful as San Elizario has been for almost a decade, coaches from across the state continue to reach out to Morales seeking advance on their own training plans.

“I tell each one of them that it’s not workouts, it’s the relationships you build with the kids,” he said. “The kids have to first believe and trust you. The only way these workouts work is if the kids buy into you 100 percent. If you have a solid relationship with the kids and they believe in your workouts, they are going to do them.”

He said if a runner believes and respects a coach, they will do anything to make that coach happy.

“My kids come out in the morning when its 40 degrees outside or when its 105 degrees in the afternoon and they’ll put in the work,” he said.

Dilan Sanchez hopes to improve on his 12th place finish at last year’s state championship.

He points to Dilan Sanchez as an example.

“Dilan never played any type of sport growing up, Morales said. “He tried cross country his 8th grade year and he tried soccer but he didn’t like them. He was one of these kids who kept to himself in his own little bubble.”

When Sanchez was a freshman, he was in Morales’ algebra class.

“At a 4A school you are always recruiting,” Morales said. “I asked him to show up to practice and he shook his head – no, no, no. All year I tried to get him to go out and he finally did at the end of track season and he seemed to like it.”

He must have.

He showed up on the first day of cross country practice his sophomore year and he has never looked back.

“He would run low mileage; he couldn’t finish a 5K without stopping,” Morales said. “But since he showed up that day, he has continued to work hard every day, never missing a practice, unless he was injured. After our morning practices, he would call me and ask me what else he could do. We would run 8 miles in the morning and he wanted to run another 5 in the afternoon.”

Sanchez, who finished 12th at last year’s state championship in 15:51.22, said he feels free when he runs.

Seniors Edwin Gomez and Dilan Sanchez lead the way for the San Elizario Eagles.

“When I run, I’m happy,” the soft-spoken Sanchez said. “When I’m on the course racing, that’s when I’m most happy. Running has taught me many things. It taught me that I could be a good leader and that I can motivate others by setting an example. Through running, I want others to feel like anything is possible because that’s how I feel.”

Sanchez is fielding scholarship offers but is not yet committed. His teammate, Edwin Gomez, signed with Texas last week. Gomez was last year’s Class 4A runner-up finishing in 15:06.05.

It’s scholarship opportunities like this that Morales is talking about.

“They now understand that they not only can compete against rich people, but they can beat them and get something out of it,” he said. “They see a chance, they see a possibility of being successful against anyone in the state, regardless of your race, regardless of your economic status, it doesn’t matter, they know they can compete against anyone.”

Three teams earn medals and eight individuals race to All State honors

The El Paso delegation of distance runners who descended upon Old Settlers Park in Round Rock for the UIL Cross Country State Championship last week certainly left an impression on the rest of Texas.

Three of the six teams returned home with state team medals and eight athletes earned  All State honors by virtue of finishing in the top 10 in their respective races.

The Eastwood Troopers won back-to-back Class 5A state championships, San Elizario was second in Class 4A and Tornillo was third in Class 3A.

Eastwood State
The Eastwood Troopers won back-to-back Class 5A state championships.

Five of the top 10 runners out of Class 5A were from El Paso including Hanks seniors Michael Abyeta (second, 14:34.61) and Rodger Rivera (third, 14:55.64) Eastwood seniors Juan Olmos (fifth, 15:01.41) and Elias Perez (sixth, 15:03.46) and Eastlake sophomore Israel David was seventh in 15:05.63. San Elizario junior Edwin Gomez was second in the Class 4A race finishing in 15:06.05 and Tornillo senior Ofir Ortega was eighth in Class 3A in 16:03.31.

Only two girls finished in the top 10 – Franklin junior Eva Jess was second in Class 6A in 17:12.18 and Tornillo freshman Kylene Elias was third in the Class 3A two-mile race in 11:37.79.

“It felt harder this year,” Eastwood coach Mike McLain said. “People take these things for granted. Doing something like this is difficult. I told the guys they needed to enjoy it because moments like this don’t come around too often.”

Eastwood won its second state championship by 59 points, scoring 51 points. Grapevine was second with 110, Boerne Champion was third with 128 points and Hanks was fourth with 151 points.

“This one had a very different feeling,” McLain said. “It was just as satisfying but in a very different way because of everything they had to overcome to get here. We lost two big guns from last year who were our leaders. We had some health issues with one of our top runners that would have decimated a lot of other teams. That runner, and the rest of the team, pulled together and made the most out of it.”

Eastlake_State Champ_09 Nov 19-2
Eastlake sophomore Israel David was seventh in 15:05.63, earning him All State Class 5A honors.

After Olmos and Perez, Eastwood’s next five were junior Sergio Cuartas (17th, 15:28.21), junior Nathan Hernandez (20th, 15:31.10) junior Victor Parra (21st, 15:31.12) sophomore  Victor Anchondo (107th, 16:48.43) and sophomore Andres Gurrola (139th, 17:26.53).

“It’s a great feeling going back to back,” Olmos said. “It was a good feeling to be able to share this with Elias, it was a perfect way to end our senior year.”

Perez and Olmos took over the leadership role for the Troopers this year.

“We had a lot of younger guys on this year’s team and we weren’t really doing too good in the beginning,” he said. “But we knew what we were capable of and it was awesome for all of us to come together at that moment.”

Perez said there were many twists and turns this season.

“At the beginning of the season, we were doing good but when we raced at Woodbridge, that’s when people started to get hurt. Desert Twilight was kind of bad, too. Runners who where usually up there with us were getting hurt and we weren’t at our full strength.”

But Perez knew this team would come around.

“We knew what we were capable of, but we had to stick with it, stick with the process,” he said. “We were lost at some point and getting in our own heads and we weren’t performing like we usually do. We talked to each other, we knew what we needed to do but we couldn’t stress over it. We had to keep working and get past it.”

For Hanks, after Abyeta’s second place finish and Rivera’s third place finish, Knights runners were sophomore Gael Alvarado (74th, 16:15.24), senior Omar Munoz (76th, 16:16.93) freshman Alejandro Tarin (85th, 16:23.43), junior Christian Jaquez, (144th, 17:44.91) and junior  Michael Antuna (152nd, 19:18.47).

Hanks senior Micheal Abyeta was second in Class 5A in 14:34.61 and senior Rodger Rivera was third in 14:55.64. Aledo senior Graydon Morris won the gold in 14:33.43.

Chapin senior Angel Contreras was 23rd in 15:33.98.

Eastwood sophomore Lauren Walls-Portillo was the top girl from Class 5A finishing 46th in 19:01.29. A pair of Jefferson runners – junior Melody Tsuitsumi was 81st in 19:25.02 and sophomore Crystal Peterson was 97th in 19:42.03.

San Elizario found itself on the podium for sixth straight time, finishing state runner-up to Decatur by three points.

“It’s a bitter sweet feeling,” San Elizario coach Cesar Morales said. “I’m not taking anything away from Decatur, they’re a great team and they improved a lot but we could have done a lot better. We had a young team and we made a couple of mistakes, so it cost us a little bit.”

After four straight state championships, the Eagles won bronze last year and now add a silver to its ever expanding trophy case.

“We could have done better but I’m happy because of the team’s improvement over the entire season,” he said. “We improved our average by 30 seconds from the last time we were state champions and we improved by 34 seconds average time from last year.”

But to finish three points shy of five state championships in six years, it stings just a little bit.

San Elizario has made it to the podium for six consecutive years. This year, the team won silver, missing out on gold by three points.

“I just wanted a little better result because the kids worked so hard this season,” Morales said. “We wanted a state championship, we were expecting one but looking at the year in its entirety, we improved a lot. I don’t know if there are any other teams in El Paso that have been on the podium six years in a row. But we have to keep working and taking it one year at a time.”

After Gomez’s second place finish, senior Rene Arambula was 11th in 15:47.50, junior Dilan Sanchez was 12th in 15:51.22, sophomore Irvin Vazquez was 56th (16:38.27), junior Anthony Gonzalez was 79th (16:53.56), senior Seth Rodriguez was 92nd (17:03.52) and sophomore Alan Ceballos was 103rd (17:15.51).

Mt. View junior Joshua Gonzalez was 78th in 16:52.55.

“We’ll have to reflect and evaluate what we did as a team and come back and get hungry again,” Morales said. “We’ll have lot of young kids on the JV team fighting for a spot on varsity.”

Mt. View senior Nicole Estrada had the best finish among El Paso’s 4A girls finishing the two-mile race in 37th place in 12:28.27. Mt. View junior Kayhla Talavera was 65th (12:47.25) and San Elizario junior Karina Gallegos was 109th in 13:20.09.

Tornillo earned a bronze in the Class 3A cross country state medal.

For Tornillo coach Jesse Garcia, there was added meaning to this year’s state championship.

His father, Eleazar Garcia, past away on Dec. 31, 2018.

“When I went back after the Christmas break, my kids found out,” he said. “I told them we were going back to the state championship and run it for my dad. Every race was for my dad. At the  state championship, we all knew that my dad was watching from up there cheering them on. It was a proud moment.”

The Coyotes finished third with with 121 points. Eustace won state with 85 points followed by Crane with 112.

It was a bronze kind of day for Tornillo at this year’s state meet.

“Every kid we took up there came back with a third place medal,” Garcia said. “We put on a show. We were leading the race after the first mile. Eustace, the state champs from last year, had lost one from that group so they had a solid squad and Crane, which finished second last year, had everyone coming back so I knew it was going to be a hard battle.”

Garcia said he was  happy with the way the team improved every week.

“I am real appreciative of the overall performance of the kids,” he said. “Every week we got stronger and Saturday was no different. Our best race of the season was Saturday.”

Ortega led the team with an All-State eighth place performance followed by junior Bryan Garcia (33rd, 16:43.75), freshman Angel Torres (37th, 16:49.39), sophomore Bryan Guzman (42nd, 16:56.74), junior Michael Maney (53rd, 17:06.42) and freshman Eric Fuentes (149th, 22:10.57).

“Finishing in the top 10 was my goal,” Ortega said. “I was little bit disappointed because I wanted to finish in the top three but I’m still glad I finished on the podium for the first time individually. Team wise, the guys stepped up big and because of them, we finished in the top three. I did my part, but they ran their heart out and did something really special.”

Ortega said he enjoyed his four years at the Cotton Valley school.

“Running for Tornillo has been a wonderful experience,” he said. “I will cherish all the memories I have from my freshman year to my senior year. The team-bonding, the family-bonding, was very special. I have much love for my coaches, it’s something I’ll never forget. They were  like my second dads. It’s been a special journey.”

Freshman Kylene Elias is just starting hers at Tornillo. She won the school’s first girl’s state medal, finishing third by just one second to state runner up  Finley Hunting from San Antonio Cole. Peyton Muntz from Whitesboro won the  gold in 11:28.06.

“It’s a good feeling but I think I could have done better,” Elias said. “Next year I’ll try to get the gold.”

Tornillo freshman Kylene Elias earned a bronze Class 3A. She is this first female from Tornillo to win a state medal.  

Does Elias now has the running bug?

“I fell in love with it,” she said. “I like the adrenaline that runs through my body when I run and I like how a lot of people from Tornillo support me.”

Garcia said he is proud of Elias’ first season of cross country.

Kylene ran hard again and got a PR,” he said. “She got boxed-in in the first 400 meters of the race and that affected her a little bit. She is used to leading the race but she was never able to get a lead. At the end of the race, she was about to throw up. She fell into fifth place because of that but she managed to come back and almost caught second place.”

Elias said she didn’t know what happened at the end of the race.

“I was giving it my all but I guess my stomach didn’t like the breakfast from the morning,” she said. “I saw the girl in third place slowing down, I guess she thought I couldn’t catch up to her, but I was running as fast I could and I got her.”

The Americas boys  improved from last year’s 15th place finish to placing sixth while the Franklin girls finished 15th in their first state appearance.

Americas placed two runners – senior Hector Sanchez (17th, 15:15.36) and sophomore Jared Laverty (25th, 15:21.72) – in the top 25. Other runners for the Trailblazers include senior Jacob Ye (51st, 15:42.69), senior Seth Andrade (80th, 15:56.97), sophomore  Aaron Saenz (83rd, 15:57.78), junior Gage Garcia (98th, 16:09.52) and sophomore Carmelo Corral, (108th, 16:20.46).

Franklin_1-6A State Champ_09 Nov 19-47
Franklin junior Eva Jess was second in Class 6A in 17:12.18.

Coronado senior Nick Gonzalez was the first El Pasoan in Class 6A to cross the finish line in 15:11.31 good for 14th place. Franklin senior  Fernie Morales was 18th in 15:16.52.

For the 6A girl’s, after Eva Jess’s second place finish, Americas senior Mariana Guzman was 20th in 18:21.05; Montwood junior Karyme Garcia was 99th in 19:28.96 and Coronado freshman Kyra Walker was 118th.

Franklin’s runners were freshman Alyssa Laspada (123rd, 20:08.78), freshman Sofia Camacho (128th, 20:14.16), sophomore Jordan Torres (131st, 20:24.77), freshman Michele Paillard (133rd, 20:25.40), freshman Amanda Sotelo (140th, 20:51.78 and sophomore Jenna Saunders (144th, 21:13.61).

San Elizario not comfortable with role as “favorites”

State Championship Previews

Saturday: Tornillo boys.

Sunday: San Elizario boys.

Monday: Hanks boys.

Tuesday: Eastwood boys.

Wednesday: Franklin girls.

Thursday: Americas boys.

Friday: Individual qualifiers. Class 6A – Americas senior Mariana Guzman; Montwood junior Karyme Garcia, Coronado senior Nick Gonzalez and freshman Kyra Walker and Franklin senior Fernie Morales, Franklin. Class 5A – Jefferson sophomore Crystal Peterson and junior Melody Tsuitsumi; Lauren Walls, sophomore, Eastwood; Eastlake sophomore Israel David and Angel Contreras, senior, Chapin. Class 4A- Mt. View junior  Kayhla Talavera, senior Nicole Estrada and junior Joshua Gonzalez and Karina Gallegos, junior, San Elizario. Class 3A – Freshman, Kylene Elias, Tornillo.

Make Plans

What: UIL State Cross Country Championship.

When:  Saturday Nov. 9. All times (CST): Girls Class 3A, 10:50 a.m.; Boys Class 3A, 11:20 a.m.; Girls Class 4A, noon;  Boys Class 4A, 12:30 p.m.; Girls Class 5A, 1:10 p.m.; Boys Class 5A, 1:50 p.m.; Girls Class 6A, 2:30 p.m.; Boys Class 6A, 3:10 p.m.

Where:  Old Settlers Park in Round Rock.

At Stake: State team and individual titles.

San Eli Boys Pack
San Elizario has won four Class 4A state cross country championships in the past five years.

The San Elizario Eagles have never been comfortable wearing the “favorites” label.

Sure, the Cotton Valley school has won four Class 4A state cross country championships in the past five years and junior Edwin Gomez has won an individual gold and a silver.

But last year, going after its fifth straight UIL state championship, the Eagles fell 12 points short, finishing third behind Region 1 foes Decatur and Andrews.

“We were not the favorites at regionals, and we will not be the favorites at state,” said Cesar Morales, the coach at San Elizario. “Throughout the year we’ve been ranked fourth or fifth in the state from various organizations so there is going to be less pressure on us.”

The San Elizario Eagles retained the top spot at the Region 1 meet, winning with 64 points to advance to the state meet for the sixth year in a row.

Decatur was second with 68 points, Andrews was third with 92 and Canyon with 121 points.

“Not winning state last year actually helped us,” Morales said. “We are back to being humble, we have our feet back on the ground and we know we had to work even harder. It really brought the team closer.”

At regionals, San Elizario had three runners in the top 10 – Edwin Gomez (second, 14:53.50), Rene Arambula (ninth, 15:55.00) and Dilan Sanchez (tenth, 15:55.60) and five in the top 25 – Irvin Vazquez (19th, 16:19.40) and Alan Ceballos (24th, 16:26.70).

Junior Dilan Sanchez and sophomore Irvin Vazquez have been solid third and fourth runners for the Eagles.

“I told the team before the regional race that it didn’t matter if we won regions or not, the real deal is going to be at the state meet,” Morales said. “We know in 4A, the state champion usually comes out of Region 1. For the past three to four years Region 1 has been battling for first, second or third.”

Morales credits Gomez and Arambula’s maturity and leadership for the team’s success.

“In the past month, Edwin and Rene changed the culture of our team,” Morales said. “It was already good, but they made it so much better. They are working hard to help my fifth, sixth and seventh runners. We were good a month ago, but now we are lot better.”

Morales said there is a 25-second gap between the second and fourth runner with the number five runner closing in.

“We’ve been doing more pack running, team bonding, in a way,” Arambula said. “What me and Edwin are doing is staying a little bit closer with them and then we start to slowly speed up so they could get used to the pace. They stay with us and then push themselves as hard as we do.”

Arambula, a senior, said it would be great to win another state championship and finish in the top 10 individually.

Senior Rene Arambula would like to end his high school cross country career with a top 10 finish and his third team state championship.

“It would be great for our school to add another state championship and start another streak,” he said.  “Every year is special, every team is special, but I really do enjoy training with these guys.”

Gomez said it is no fluke that San Elizario will contend for another state championship.

“Where we are now is because of the work we’ve put in over the summer,” he said. “We have all been working together to get better.”

He said he is doing his part in close the gap.

“When we have our 8-mile runs, I try to stay with the team the first few miles at a 7:15 pace,” he said. “We stay together until we get to the fourth mile and then we pick up the pace, but we try to stay together. Last year, I would go fast at the end in front of everyone. Now I try to stay with them and go back with whoever is in the back and try to pick them up so we can all be together.”

Gomez said he has drawn inspiration from Arambula.

“He is very mature in the way he approaches running,” he said. “Everything I do, he tries to make it better. I have more respect for him than anyone in school. He is one of the top 10 in his class, so he is smart. He tries harder more than one else I’ve seen. He tries to help everyone by telling them to keep pace and to stay focused and don’t think about getting tired.”

An individual medal is not the goal for Gomez this year.

“I really don’t care where I end up, what I do care about is us winning as a team,” he said. “We’re in a really good place right now. We have a chance to win, but everything has to fall into place.”

Twelve points separated San Elizario from another state championship. That’s a couple of runners running five seconds faster over a 3.1-mile course. That’s how close the Eagles came from keeping their state-championship streak alive.

“We know it’s going to be close,” Morales said. “The team that is more focused and mentally prepared is going to win. Any of us can take it, we just have to fight and be prepared for anything.”

Final Boys and Girls Track and Field Top 10 Times and Distances

On a weekend where El Paso athletes won six medals – four of them gold – at the UIL State Track and Field Championship, five track and field athletes turned in city-best performances.

On the boy’s side, Franklin juniorEtiwe Omajuwa won gold in the Class 6A 400-meter run in a city-best time of 46.51, which is also the fifth fastest high school time in the United States.

A pair of Coronado seniors – Grant Levesque and Liam Walsh – accomplished city-best marks, in the pole vault for Levesque (16-feet, 6-inches) and in the 1,600-meter run for Walsh (4:16.47).

Levesque won gold in the Class 6A pole vault and was was 9th in the 110-hurdles in a time of 14.75.

Walsh’s 1,600-meter time was good enough for sixth place in Class 6A. He also finished 4th in the 800-meter run in 1:53.81.

Coronado senior Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy won gold in the Class 6A 800-meter race, finishing in 2:07.40 and Chapin senior Meghan Tualamalii won silver in the Class 5A shot. She threw a season best 41-feet, 4.75 inches.

(L-R) Franklin junior‪ Etiwe Omajuwa won gold in the Class 6A 400-meter run, San Elizario sophomore Edwin Gomez won gold in the Class 4A 800, Coronado senior Grant Levesque won the Class 6A pole vault and Coronado senior Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy won gold in the Class 6A 800-meter race.

Other state medalist:

*San Elizario sophomore Edwin Gomez won gold in the Class 4A 800 in 1:56.32. He also earned two bronze medals – in the 3,200 (9:31.46) and in the 1,600 meters in 4:17.57.

*Burges senior Joshua White who earned a bronze medal in the Class 5A 400-meter run. He finished the race in 49.00.

*Hanks junior Michael Abeyta earned a bronze medal in the Class 5A 1600-meter run in 4:16.59. He was fourth in the Class 5A 800-meter in 1:55.10.

*Eastlake sophomore Makeia Ray won bronze in the high jump. She leaped 5-feet, 5-inches.

Other state athlete finishes:

*Parkland junior Donta Hayes who finished 7th in the triple jump in Class 5A. He jumped 45-feet, 8.5 inches.

*Tornillo junior Ofir Ortega finished 8th in the Class 3A 3200-meter run in 10:04.81.

*Burges senior Christian Matamoros placed 7th in the Class 5A high jump with a 6-feet,4-inch leap.

*Parkland sophomore Angelina Lujan-Marrufo was 5th in the Class 5A 800-meter run. She ran a 2:17.04.

*Eastlake senior Aeriel Garcia finished the season 9th in the state in the 1600-meter run. She finished the race in 5:31.15.

TAPPS 6A Championship

Cathedral senior Brandon Seagreaves won the 3200-meter TAPPS state championship in a state-record time of 9:16.25 and the 1,600-meter in 4:29.48.

Leo Gerardo won the 800-meter run for the Irish in 1:58.10.

Cathedral’s 1,600-meter relay team of Leo Gerardo, Juan Pablo Lopez, Githin Johny and  Brandon Seagreaves took fifth place in 3:27.39.

Cathedral senior Brandon Seagreaves won TAPPS 6A 3200 and 1600 meter state championship.

Here the top 10 track and field male athletes in each race and field event after the state championship:

 Field Events

 Discus: 1, Devean Deal, Pebble Hills, 165-feet, 4-inches; 2, Esteban Pena, Mt. View, 161-1; 3, Daniel Espinoza, Ysleta, 159-05; 4, Johnny Cerros, Franklin 158-0; 5, Misael Oriz, Socorro, 157-4; 6, Andrews Bristol, Franklin, 154-4; 7, David Moreno, Jefferson 153-9; 8, Zachary Cyrus Pomele, Pebble Hills, 150-4; 9, David Moreno, Coronado, 149-2; 10, Enrique Medina, Ysleta, 146-5.

Shot put: 1, David Moreno, Jefferson, 53-5.5; 2, Misael Ortiz, Socorro, 53-1.5; 3, Jonathan Lopez, Montwood, 52-11.5; 4, Garrett Strokes, Burges, 52-11; 5, Arturo Jimenez, Horizon, 51-2; 5, Johnny Cerros, Franklin 48-4; 7, Nick Kim, Americas, 48-3.5; 8, Andrew Bristol, Franklin, 48-00.50; 9, Alex Freeman, Burges, 47-10; 10, Dominque Valera, Coronado, 47-7;

High jump: 1, Caleb Gerber, Pebble Hills, 6-8; 2, Christian Matamoros, Burges, 6-7; 2, Evan Chisolm, Americas, 6-4; 4, Adrian Donacio, Eastlake, 6-2; 4, Ethan Villa, Austin, 6-2; 5, Bryan Suarez, Chapin, 6-0; 5, Alec Villa, Hanks, 6-0; 5, Ozzy Araiza, Ysleta, 6-0;  5, Matthew Flowers, Canutillo, 6-0; 5, Dayton Jamierson, Pebble Hills, 6-0; 5, Ivann Alvarez, Americas, 6-0.

Pole vault: 1, Grant Levesque, Coronado, 16-6; 2, Keith Rodriguez, Eastlake, 14-6; 3, Matthew Sanchez, Coronado, 13-8; 4, Evan Perez, Hanks, 12-6; 4, Armando Villa, Americas, 12-6; 4, Daniel Larios, Coronado, 12-6; 4, Daniel Cardenas, Mt. View, 12-6; 8, Luis Holguin, Burges, 12-0; 8, Austin Lara, Del Valle, 12-0; 8, Angel Escalera, Parkland, 12-0; 8, Peter Fogel, Chapin 12-0.

Long jump: 1, Deion Hankins, Parkland, 22-2.5; 2, Zacarias Velasquez, Franklin, 21-11; 3, Karch Gardiner, Del Valle, 21-10.75; 4, Daniel Rivera, Horizon, 21-4; 5, Hector Nevarez, Mt. View, 21-3; 5, Takeem Thomas, Eastwood, 21-3; 7, Angel Jurado, Franklin, 21.1.25; 8, Duane Nelson, El Dorado, 21-1; 9, Donta Hayes, Parkland, 21-0; 10, Gilbert Rodriguez, Mt. View, 20-9.5.

Triple jump: 1, Donta Hayes, Parkland, 46-11; 2, Gabriel Stonewall, Franklin 46-3; 3, Kamuel Sloan, Franklin, 45-1.75; 4, Takeem Thomas, Eastwood, 44-11.5; 5, Julian Hinojos, Americas, 43-10; 6, Daniel Rivera, Horizon, 43-3.50; 7, Gavin Hidalgo, Eastwood, 43-1.50; 8,  Quayvon Jones, Chapin, 42-5; 9, Mario Gould, Franklin, 42-4; 10, Alec Marenco, Burges, 41-11.

Running Events

100 meters: 1, Caleb Gerber, Pebble Hills, 10.81; 2, Omajuwa Etiwe, Franklin, 10.86; 3, Oscar Lozano, Franklin, 10.92; 4, Abel Cervantes, Americas, 10.93; 5, Fred Hernandez, Socorro, 11.03; 6, Cedric Haynes, El Dorado, 11.07; 7, Chris Ramos, Montwood, 11.08; 8, Deion Hankins, Parkland, 11.16; 8, Obed Garcia, Mt. View, 11.16; 10, Isaiah Davis, Pebble Hills, 11.19; 10, Elias Medel, Ysleta, 11.19.

200 meters: 1, Omajuwa Etiwe, Franklin, 21.47; 2, Isaiah Davis, Pebble Hills, 21.81; 3, Abel Cervantes, Americas, 21.98; 4, Kameron Walker, Austin, 22.18; 4, Caleb Gerber, Pebble Hills, 22.18; 6, Julian Mendoza, Hanks, 22.37; 7, Angel Jurado, Franklin, 22.44; 8, Julian Hinojos, Americas, 22.48; 9, Ian Tharp, Franklin, 22.49; 10, Joshua White, Burges, 22.54.

400 meters: 1, Omajuwa Etiwe, Franklin, 46.51; 2, Joshua White, Burges, 48.01; 3, Julian Hinojos, Americas, 49.40; 4, Michael Abeyta, Hanks, 49.90; 5, Abel Cervantes, Americas, 49.98; 6, Ian Tharp, Franklin, 50.06; 7, Alex Millan, El Dorado, 50.09: 8, Ethan Villa, Austin, 50.24; 9, Irvin Lopez, Del Valle, 50.38; 10, Alexis Gurrola, San Elizario, 50.57.

800 meters: 1, Michael Abeyta, Hanks, 1:53.54; 2, Liam Walsh, Coronado, 1:53.81; 3, Alan Alba, Coronado, 1:55.60; 4, Matthew Lindsey, Montwood, 1:55.66; 5, Edwin Gomez, San Elizario, 1:55.70; 6, Jacob Ye, Americas, 1:55.97; 7, Thomas Magee, Chapin, 1:56.50; 8, Fernando Morales, Franklin, 1:56.70; 9, Lloyd Frilot, Andress, 1:56.92; 10, Noah Yeager, Burges, 1:57.22.

1,600 meters: 1, Liam Walsh, Coronado, 4:16.47;  2, Michael Abeyta, Hanks, 4:16.59; 3, Brandon Seagreaves, Cathedral, 4:17.56; 4, Edwin Gomez, San Elizario, 4:17.57;  5, Elias Perez, Eastwood, 4:21.39; 6, Sam Zambrano, Burges, 4:23.39; 7, Jacob Ye, Americas, 4:23.70; 8, Rodger Rivera, Hanks, 4:23.96; 9, Tyler Rodriguez, Americas, 4:24.99; 10, Alan Alba, Coronado, 4:26.29.

3,200 meters: 1, Brandon Seagreaves, Cathedral, 9:16.25; 2, Edwin Gomez, San Elizario, 9:17.44; 3, Elias Perez, Eastwood, 9:22.36; 4, Rodger Rivera, Hanks, 9:23.84; 5, Sergio Leon Cuartas, Eastwood, 9:26.95; 6, Nick Gonzalez, Coronado, 9:37.19; 7, Tyler Rodriguez, Americas, 9:41.96; 8, Jacobo Wedemeyer, Franklin, 9:42.02; 9, Kayn Quinones, Eastwood, 9:42.88; 10, Israel David, Eastlake, 9:44.97.

110 meter hurdles: 1, Grant Levesque, Coronado, 14.27; 2, Dominic Britton, Chapin, 14.60; 3, Infante Jones, Parkland, 14.72; 4, Jacob Luna, Eastwood, 14.75; 5, Alex Colmenero, Parkand, 15.34; 6, Donta Hayes, Parkland, 15.37; 7, Joshua Massaquoi, Franklin, 15.38; 8, Jonathan Plascencia, Jefferson, 15.39; 9, Caleb Stewart, Americas, 15.40; 10, Chris Martinez, Franklin, 15.44.

300 meter hurdles: 1, Infante Jones, Parkland, 39.12; 2, Jacob Luna, Eastwood, 39.82; 3, Alex Colmenero, Parkland, 40.01; 4, Joshua Massaquoi, Franklin, 40.60; 5, Vince Armendariz, Americas, 40.65; 6, Chris Martinez, Franklin, 40.83; 7, Jesus Rocha, Clint, 40.89; 8, Dominic Britton, Chapin, 41.09; 9, Jonathan Plascencia, Jefferson, 41.10; 10, Bryan Suarez, Chapin, 41.62.

400 meter relay: 1, Americas (Armando Villa, Abel Cervantes, Ryan Acosta, Julian Hinojos), 43.03; 2, El Dorado (Chris Bustillos, Duane Nelson, Alex Milian, Cedric Haynes), 43.19; 3, Andress, 43.26; 4, Pebble Hills  (Caleb Gerber, Jim Edward, Jalen Partida, James Hadnot), 43.36; 5, Montwood (Chris Ramos, David Niebla, Carlos Cisneros, Ryan Rodriguez), 43.36;  6, Franklin (Devyn Clark, Angel Jurado, Jorge Beard, Oscar Lozano), 43.62; 7, Ysleta (Damian Carrasco,  Joshua Lopez, Giovanni Martinez, Elias Medel), 43.64;  8, Parkland (Adam Ortiz,  Khatib Lyles, Deion Hankins, Anthony Quintero),  43.65; 9, Eastwood (Eddie Cruz, Takeem Thomas, Marcus Ransom, Trilarry Coleman), 43.95; 10, Austin (Andrew  Yco, Freddy Elizondo, Moises Morales, Kameron Walker), 44.07.

800 meter relay: 1, Franklin  (Chris Martinez, Angel Jurado, Joshua Massaquoi, Ian Tharp), 1:28.45; 2, Americas (Ryan Acosta, Abel Cervantes, Julian Hinojos, Armando Villa), 1:29.53; 3, Pebble Hills (Isaiah Davis, Ian Edward,  Sebastian Ochoa, Galeb Gerber), 1:30.37; 4, Parkland (Cyrus Coleman, Deion Hankins, Donta Hayes, Khatib Lyles),  1:30.84; 5, Austin (Moises Morales, Ethan Villa, Miguel Vazquez, Kameron Walker), 1:31.08; 6, Eastlake (Adam Herrera, Irvin De Leon, D’Andre Ray, Lorenz Smith), 1:31.21; 7, Hanks, (Samuel Guitterez, Ivan Regalado, Joey Padilla, Julian Mendoza), 1:31.65; 8, Eastwood  (Xavier Avila, Trilarry Coleman, Eddie Cruz, Osmar Ibarra), 1:31.81; 9, Andress (Darius Fakih, Jeff  Griffin, Xaviar Macias, Samuel Gutierrez), 1:32.22; 10, Montwood (Ryan Rodirguez, Carlos Cisneros, Brandon Williams, David Niebla), 1:32.24.

1,600 meter relay: 1, Franklin (Ian Tharp, Ethan Bustillos, Fernando Morales, Omajuwa Etiwe), 3:19.42; 2, Americas (Ryan Acosta, Julian Hinojos, Armando Villa, Abel Cervantes), 3:21.40; 3, Burges, 3:24.74; 4, San Elizario (Alex Devora, Alexis Maldonado, Tony Diaz, Alexis Gurrola), 3:25.69; 5, Cathedral (Leo Gerardo, David Sanchez, , Githin Amprayil  Johny, Brandon Seagreaves), 3:27.39; 6, Parkland, 3:27.63; 7, Eastlake (Daine Kirtley, Adam Herrera, D’Andre Ray, Michael Garcia), 3:27.82; 8, Montwood  (Brandon Williams, Matthew Lindsey, Max Ayala, Chris Rodriguez), 3:28.88; 9, Coronado  (Lyn Malcomb, Andre Corral, Liam Walsh, Alan Alba), 3:30.54; 10, Austin (Ethan  Villa, Miguel Vazquez, Moises Morales, Andrik Zamora) 3:30.58.

Here the top 10 track and field female athletes in each race and field event after the state championship:

Field Events

Discus: 1, Victoria Hernandez, Irvin, 133 feet, 7.5 inches; 2, Emerald Armenta, Socorro, 131-00.5; 3, Annabelle Cordero, Eastwood, 126-3; 4, Natalie Murillo, Del Valle, 124-5; 5, Kassandra Lindemann, Americas, 122-10; 6, Meghan TualamalII, Chapin, 121-9; 7, Victoria Loya, Clint,  121-5.5; 8, Laura Barrios, El Paso High, 115-0; 9, Sadi Clemons, Canutillo, 110-9; 10, Destiny Escobar, Fabens, 110-1.

Shot put: 1, Meghan Tualamalii, Chapin, 41-feet, 4.75-inches; 2, Lilliana Licon, Pebble Hills, 37-6; 3, Regina Wolfe, Americas, 37-2; 4, Victoria Hernandez, Irvin, 37-1; 5, Natalie Murillo, Del Valle, 37-0.5; 6, Kassandra Lindemann, Americas, 36-6; 7, Daniela Escarcega, Bel Air, 36-4; 8, Victoria Loya, Clint, 35-6; 9, Karen Villa, Jefferson, 36-1; 9, Annabelle Cordero, Eastwood, 35-1.

High jump: 1, Makeia Ray, Eastlake, 5-6; 2, Trinity Anderson, Pebble Hills, 5-4; 2, Eireann Donohoe, Chapin, 5-4; 4, Karen Villa, Jefferson, 5-2; 5, Anesa McBain, Eastwood, 5-1; 6, Aileen Alvarado, El Dorado, 5-0; 7, Megan Barnhouse, Eastwood, 4-10; 7, Olivia Neufeld, Eastwood, 4-10; 7, Mariana Ramirez, Del Valle, 4-10; 7, Khaiya Bates, Burges, 4-10; 7, Yasmine Quirino, Pebble Hills, 4-10.

Pole vault: 1, Sarah Stuart, Franklin, 10-0; 2, Sarah Granado, Eastwood, 9-0; 2, Jacqueline Morales, Del Valle, 9-0; 4, Megan Pennington, Montwood, 9-0; 5, Valeria Murillo, Mt. View, 8-6; 5, Paulina Diaz, Bel Air, 8-6; 7, Trinity Letuli, Franklin, 8-0; 7, Anesa McBain, Eastwood, 8-0; 7, Paulina Fraire, Hanks, 8-0; 7, Cynthia Montes, Bel Air, 8-0.

Long jump: 1, Jeramea Dennison, El Dorado, 17-10.5; 2, Kara Marcantel, Franklin, 17-9.5; 2, Kayleigh Walton, Eastwood, 17-9.5; 4, Alex Guzman, Franklin, 17-6; 5, Angelina Killings, Americas, 17-4; 6, Evelyn Frausto, Socorro, 16-10; 7, Promise Robertson, Eastwood, 16-9; 7, Eireann Donohoe, Chapin, 16-9; 9, Fernanda Cortez, Canutillo, 16-8.75; 10, Alani Hupstead, Americas, 16-8.25.

Triple jump:  1, Jermea Dennison, El Dorado, 36-6.75; 2, Eireann Donohoe, Chapin, 36-6; 3, Khaiya Bates, Burges, 35-5; 4, Jordan Dickerson, Austin, 35-1; 5, Destiny Dominguez, Ysleta, 34-11.75; 6, Miranda Lopez, Franklin, 34-9.5; 7, Alani Hupstead, Americas, 34-8.75; 8, Soledad Borgstadt, Horizon, 34-5; 9, Danielle Avelar, Fabens, 34-3.25; 10, Mariana Porras, Montwood, 34-1.5.

Running Events

100 meters: 1, Faye Humphrey-Griffith, Eastwood, 12.33; 2, Soledad Borgstadt, Horizon, 12.42; 3, Alex Guzman, Franklin, 12.69; 4, Destinay Harris, Riverside, 12.72; 5, Eireann Donohoe, Chapin, 12.75; 6, Claire Terry, Chapin, 12.83; 7, Jeramea Dennison, El Dorado, 12.86; 8, Triniti Anderson, Pebble Hills, 12.88; 9, Kayleigh Walton, Eastwood, 12.90; 10, Carolina Licerio, Coronado, 12.71.

200 meters: 1, Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy, Coronado, 24.85; 2, Carolina Licerio, Coronado, 25.69; 3, Kayleigh Walton, Eastwood, 25.78; 4, Bianca Parker, Del Valle, 25.81; 5, Faye Humphrey-Griffith, Eastwood, 25.93; 6, Cyan Cooper, Chapin, 25.93; 7, Alex Guzman, Franklin 26.00; 8, Soledad Borgstadt, Horizon, 26:04; 9, Angelina Lujan-Marrufo, Parkland, 26.20; 10, Sydney Co, Pebble Hills, 26.22.

400 meters: 1, Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy, Coronado, 55.35; 2, Angelina Lujan-Marrufo, Parkland, 57.74; 3, Devin Martinez, Franklin, 58.27; 4, Bianca Parker, Del Valle, 58.30; 5, Mariana Porras, Montwood, 58.71; 6, Adalee Martin, Pebble Hills, 59.28; 7, Soledad Borgstadt, Horizon, 59.32; 8, Crystal Petterson, Jefferson, 59.79; 9, Africa Cordova, Coronado, 1:00.55; 10, Camilla Gonzalez, Montwood, 1:00.64.

800 meters: 1, Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy, Coronado, 2:07.40; 2, Angelina Lujan-Marrufo, Parkland, 2:16.80; 3, Daphne Duran, Americas, 2:20.97;  4, Lauren Walls-Portillo, Eastwood, 2:21.15; 5, Amalia Dorion, Franklin, 2:22.42; 6, Eva Jess, Franklin, 2:22.91; 7, Annette Guzman, Burges, 2:23.28; 8, Haylee Pickard, Franklin, 2:25.46; 9, Britney Gay, Montwood, 2:26.74; 10, Delaney Melendez, Jefferson, 2:27.26.

1,600 meters: 1, Eva Jess, Franklin, 5:05.16; 2, Aeriel Garcia, Eastlake, 5:10.38; 3, Mariana Guzman, Americas, 5:11.27; 4, Amaris Chavez, Eastlake, 5:21.01; 5, Daphne Duran, Americas, 5:23.66; 6, Lauren Walls-Portillo, Eastwood, 5:27.06; 7, Amalia Dorion, Franklin, 5:29.87; 8, Annette Guzman, Burges, 5:30.39; 9, Skyler Goodman, Chapin, 5:34.95; 10, Meadow Ortiz, Eastwood, 5:38.95.

3,200: 1, Eva Jess, Franklin 10:52.92; 2, Mariana Guzman, Americas, 11:10.79; 3, Aeriel Garcia, Eastlake, 11:26.74; 4, Amaris Chavez, Eastlake, 11:38.00; 5, Sophia Flores, Coronado, 11:56.86; 6, Skyler Goodman, Chapin, 11:58.92; 7, Meadow Ortiz, Eastwood, 12:11.71; 8, Alexa Rangel, Montwood, 12:14.39; 9, Melody Tsutsumi, Jefferson, 12:17.40; 10, Jenna Saunders, Franklin, 12:22.56.

100 meter hurdles:  1, Shavontee Harris, Chapin 14.86; 2, Alani Hupstead, Americas, 15.60; 3, Lisette Saulters, Hanks, 15.62; 4, Karen Villa, Jefferson, 15.63; 5, April Lang, Chapin, 15.80; 6, Jeramea Dennison, El Dorado, 15.97; 7, Megan Barnhouse, Eastwood, 16.47; 8, Amethyst Massaquoi, Franklin, 16.58; 9, Emily Trillo, Jefferson, 16.93; 10, Nicole Estrada, Mt. View, 17.09.

300 meter hurdles: 1, Jai Plea Roulhac, Chapin, 46.04; 2 Karen Villa, Jefferson, 46.31; 3, Kara Marcantel, Franklin, 47.56; 4, Lisette Saulters, Hanks, 47.60; 5, Jasmin Loya, Horizon, 47.91; 6, Emily Trillo, Jefferson, 48.15; 7, Shavontee Harris, Chapin, 48.17; 7, Destiny Escobar, Fabens, 48.17; 9, Olivia Neufeld, Eastwood, 48.28; 10, Vianey Delgado, Americas, 49.43.

400 meter relay: 1, Eastwood (Lauryn Barlow, Elizabeth Ward, Faye Humphrey-Griffith, Kayleigh Walton), 48.46; 2, Franklin (Amethyst Massaquoi, Jasmine Deans, Maya Prado, Alex Guzman), 49.00; 3, Chapin, 49.18; 4, Pebble Hills (Adenaji Jones Tornes, Sydney Co, Katherine Martell, Asia Turner), 49.29; 5, Montwood (Paola Salas, Dia Corbett, Mariana Porras, Sofia Ramirez), 49.86; 6, El Dorado (Darling Harris,  Jeramea Dennison, Sarah Austin, Zeanita Thomas), 50.57;  7, Jefferson (Alexa Melendez, Kayla Jeffries, Kahlani Robinson, Nyla Howard), 50.71; 8, Burges (Rebecca Fernandez, Khaiya Bates, Elizabeth Ayub, Alisa Chandler), 50.72; 8, Franklin (Amethyst Massaquoi, Jasmine Deans,  Maya Prado, Alex Guzman), 50.72; 10, Coronado (Carolina Licerio, Alexandra Hernandez, Valeria Portillo, Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy), 51.30.

800 meter relay: 1, Eastwood (Faye Humphrey-Griffith, Promise Robertson, Audrey Peralta, Elizabeth Ward), 1:41.58; 2, Chapin (Cyan Cooper, Ketziyah Francis, Danielle Nanguang, Jai Plea Roulhac), 1:42.67; 3, Pebble Hills  (Adenaj Jones Tornes, Valeria Gonzalez, Asia Turner, Sydney Co), 1:44.67; 4, Coronado ‘(Carolina Licerio, Alexandra Hernandez, Valeria Portillo, Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy), 1:46.89; 5, Franklin (Christianna Carr, Miranda Lopez, Devin  Martinez, Kara Marcantel), 1:47.17; 6, Jefferson (Alexa Melendez, Kayla Jeffries, Emily Trillo, Karen Villa), 1:47.87; 7, Canutillo (Dannielle Carrillo, Jaiden Caswell, Sadi Clemons,  Fernanda Cortez), 1:47.98; 8, Burges (Anaiah Quinn, Adriana Rosales,  Elizabeth Ayub, Khaiya Bates), 1:48.03; 9, El Dorado, 1:49.30; 10, Americas (Angelina Killings, Demetreal Green, Vanessa Enriguez, Teresa Quintana), 1:49.40.

1,600 meter relay: 1, Coronado (Alexandra Hernandez, Sofia Fodor, Jalyn Guardado, Africa Cordova), 3:58.08; 2, Montwood (Mariana Porras, Camilla Gonzalez, Karen Van Valen, Sofia Ramirez), 3:59.90; 3, Pebble Hills (Sydney Co, Addy Aniyah, Asia Turner, Adalee Martin), 4:03.03; 4, Eastwood, 4:08.85; 5, Americas (Teresa Quintana, Vianey Delgado, Alani Hupstead, Daphne Duran), 4:09.27; 6, Eastlake  (Leticia Girion,  Alejandra Florentino, Makeia Ray, Felicia Tilles), 4:10.29; 7, Burges (Miciah Quinn, Annette Guzman, Alyssa Lopez,  Savanna Marenco), 4:09.06; 8, Chapin, 4:10.46; 9, Canutillo, 4:10.76; 10, Franklin  (Kara Marcantel,  Haylee Pickard, Jordan Torres, Amalia Dorion), 4:13.16.







UIL State Track and Field Meet set for Friday and Saturday

Fourteen area track and field athletes will compete for state titles at the 2019 UIL Track and Field State Meet at the Mike A. Myers Track Complex in Austin.

Four athletes, Coronado seniors Liam Walsh and Grant Levesque, Hanks junior Michael Abeyta and San Elizario’s Edwin Gomez will compete in multiple events.

Coronado’s Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy, Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy owns the state’s top 800-meter time (2:08.93). The UT-Austin commit hopes to improve on the bronze medal she earned at last year’s state championship.

In Class 6A, Walsh enters the boy’s 800-meter run with a 1:54.42 in what looks to be one of the tightest races of the meet with five runners within 10th of a second of each other. Walsh will also race in the 1600-meter championship. His qualifying time was 4:21.23.

Walsh finished seventh at state in the 800 last year in a time of 1:55.17.

The 800 is scheduled to begin around 5:25 p.m. Saturday and the 1600 at 8:35 p.m. also on Saturday.

Levesque will attempt to earn a medal in the 110-meter hurdles. His regional time was 14.27. He will also compete in the pole vault where he is the top seed (16-feet, 3 inches).

The pole vault is at noon Saturday and the 110-hurdles is at 5:35 p.m. the same day.

He earned a bronze medal in the pole vault last year with a personal and school record mark of 16 feet, 9 inches.

Jennelle Jaeger-Darakjy, a Coronado senior, enters the 800-meter race with a regional time of 2:08.93, tops in the state. Lewisville Flower Mound senior Anastaysia Davis is second with a 2:09.26 and Keller’s Isabel Van Camp comes in with the third fastest regional time of 2:10.44.

She earned a bronze medal in the 800 meters at last year’s state meet. Her time was 2:12.73.

That race will begin at 5 p.m. Saturday.

Franklin junior Omajuwa Etiwe is the top seed in Saturday’s 400-meter run. He ran a 46.95 to win the regional meet. His race is at 7:05 p.m. Saturday.

Omajuwa Etiwe
Franklin junior Omajuwa Etiwe, shown here anchoring Franklin’s relay team, is the top seed in Saturday’s 400-meter run.

In Class 5A, Abeyta will race in the 800-meter run where he posted a state-best 1:53.54 at regionals and the 1600-meter run. His qualifying time was 4:23.68.

Abeyta won gold in the 800-meter run last year in 1:53.38 and finished second in the 1600 in   4:16.53.

The 800 begins at 5:25 p.m. Friday and the 1600 is at 8:55 p.m. also on Friday.

Parkland sophomore Angelina Lujan-Marrufo will make her UIL championship debut in the 800-meter run. She comes in with a 2:16.80. That race is at 5 p.m. Friday.

Burges senior Joshua White will race for a medal in the 400-meter run. His regional 48.01is second fastest in the state. That race begins at 7:15 p.m. Friday. He was 8th last year with a time of 49.60 seconds.

Eastlake senior Aeriel Garcia will test her talents in the 1600-meter run. Her qualifying time was 5:19.21. The 1600 is at 8:55 p.m. Friday.

Eastlake sophomore Makeia Ray comes into the girl’s high jump competition with the second-best jump in the state, soaring 5-feet, six inches. The high jump begins at 7 a.m. Friday.

Burges senior Christian Matamoros leaped 6-feet, 7-inches at regionals in the high jump, placing him tied for second in the state. The boy’s high jump is at 7 a.m. Friday.

Chapin senior thrower Meghan Tualamalii seeks a medal in the shot put. Her regional mark was 40-feet, 11 inches. The first throw is at 9 a.m. Friday.

Donta Hayes, a junior at Parkland will compete in the triple jump. He leaped to a silver medal at regionals with a 46-feet, 5-inch jump. It begins at 3:45 p.m. Friday.

Aeriel Garcia
Eastlake senior Aeriel Garcia will test her talents in the 1600-meter run. Her qualifying time was 5:19.21. The 1600 is at 8:55 p.m. Friday.

In Class 4A, San Elizario sophomore Edwin Gomez will race in the 3200-meter run. He ran a 9:54.19 at regionals. He will also race in the 800-meter run where he comes in with a 1:55.70, the state’s fastest time. In addition to that, he will race in the 1600-meter race where his regional time is 4:30.21.

He won state gold in 1,600 (4:23.14) and 3,200 meters (9:38.79) last year.

His races are Saturday starting at 8 a.m. (3200), 5 p.m. (800) and 8:35 p.m. (1600).

In Class 3A Tornillo junior Ofir Ortega made the championship meet as a wild card, meaning his 3200-meter run time of 9:57.24 was the fastest of all the third-place finishers in the four regions. His race will be at 8 a.m. Friday.

San Elizario sophomore Edwin Gomez hopes to defend his state titles in the 1,600 and 3,200 meter runs. He will also race the 800. He won three gold medals in these events at the Region 1-4A meet two weeks ago.

Broadcast information 

The NFHS Network will provide live webcasts of the 2019 UIL Track & Field State Championships. Those unable to attend can watch the UIL Track & Field State Championships live online with a subscription at

Subscribers can also watch on the go by downloading the NFHS Network app for iPhone and Android devices.

UIL App: UIL State is the official mobile app for all UIL State Championships. The app features spectator information, schedules, team profiles, and live stats. It is free and available for immediate download in the App Store and Google Play.